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    What if you are doing the best you can and that you can never be too far gone, stuck, or need to change anything with discipline? You have all you need to be whole inside you already. That is what Finding Home Inside is all about.


    What if you are not broken and nothing about you needs to be fixed?


    What if you have the answers you are looking for inside you already?


    What if peace is your natural state of being and you don’t have to change who you are to experience that?


    Seeing something new from insight rather than doing something different with willpower might just change your whole life.


    My name is Rebecca and I am so glad you found your way here. I struggled for almost 20 years with binge eating and experienced many ups and downs with moments of freedom ranging from weeks to months, just to find myself caught up in thinking and eating again.


    If the binge eating was not hard enough to navigate, adding the guilt, shame, and regret towards myself made life lonely and hopeless at times. The change gradually occurred when I started to see I didn’t have to control or change my thinking or behavior.


    Nothing was wrong with me and I didn’t have to be fixed. One day I remember thinking, "What if I always have these thoughts and have a choice if and when I act on them?" I began to feel empowered and not a victim to them.


    Freedom is no longer defined by never having a tempting thought, but rather being free to choose what to do with that thought. I can have a cookie or not. I can two or three or four and not need to finish the package. I don't have shame over my choices with food. I have more space and energy to be with people rather than in my head. This not only changes a relationship with food, but with so many other areas of life as well.


    I am certified change coach and a former public school teacher with a masters degree in secondary education and have 13 years teaching experience. I provide a space for people to be themselves and enjoy witnessing people learn and grow through insights that can lead to significant changes in their life.



  • What is a certified Change Coach?


    Dr. Amy Johnson’s Change Coach training program is based in a spiritual understanding that taps into our natural wholeness, well being, and resilience. Bringing a new awareness to thoughts and unwanted habits and that we are all more alike than you might think.

    Specialty areas include- habits/addictions, overthinking, anxiety, eating/food disorders, and deconstruction/leaving your religion.


    This practice is based in the spiritual understanding of life, who we truly are, and how thought works. People from around the world have gained freedom from intrusive thoughts, habits they see as problems, and unwanted feelings and so can you.


    Seeing something new;

    not doing something different

    Rebecca didn't just give me strategies to overcome procrastination - she helped me get to the bottom of the thoughts that were causing it! It was so helpful to learn how to be an observer of my thoughts without judgment. That simple step helped me respond less emotionally, and decreased my stress surrounding the writing project I am working on. Rebecca is warm and encouraging, and I really enjoyed our conversations!

    Dorie -Kansas, United States


    Rebecca has a calming and healing presence about her. In addition, she used processes that helped me to understand and observe my thoughts so I can see that I do have choices in life. Rebecca's processes are practical and effective.

    Trisha -California, United States


    Rebecca’s own deep understanding of the ultimate cause of all personal suffering makes her a sensitive and helpful coach. Her friendly and lighthearted nature encourages conversation and inspires trust.

    Susanna, New Zealand


    Rebecca is so wonderful to work with. She is kind and empathetic. Rebecca possesses a way of challenging me to see things differently all while using a respectful and gentle manner. I am always left with a different way to approach problems and feel less overwhelmed. Sometimes during the day I catch myself thinking of things from a point of view that Rebecca suggested. I have learned so much in the time I've worked with Rebecca. You will be glad you chose to work with her and I highly recommend her.

    Kerry -Massachusetts, United States


    I am so grateful for the insights she guided me to. I had been battling with a recent heartbreak but I saw how okay it was to go through that experience without trying to interfere with what was going on. I saw what the mind does and how I just needed to see how we all work this way. I learnt that by not interfering with the system, I could have a better experience no matter what’s going on.

    Tony, Zimbabwe


    Whenever I meet with Rebecca I come away feeling like I understand myself a hundred times better. She is amazing at asking questions that empower me and help me be gentle with myself on my journey. It is easy to open up with her because of her nonjudgmental love. Every one of my meetings with her have literally changed my life and the way I think about things and I will forever be grateful.

    Lauren -Utah, United States


    Rebecca holds a space to allow you to feel heard and supported. She had the perfect amount of listening versus input. Our time has allowed me to continue to see what appeared to be fixed situations in a different way. Thank you.

    Megan, New Zealand


    I've been struggling with cell phone addiction, procrastination, and a reduced ability to focus on my work for a sustained time. Having tried a number of different approaches, I was beginning to feel somewhat powerless over my situation. Rebecca helped me verbalize my feelings & attitudes, which led to clarity on why I'm doing what I'm doing - as well as a jointly developed strategy to consciously change my behavior. Thank you!

    Szabi, Hungary


    No winter lasts forever;

    no spring skips its turn

    -Hal Borland

    Initial complimentary session

    During the 30 min call, you will have space to share what has brought you to the conversation and receive an introduction to thought and how it relates to unwanted habits or challenges you may be experiencing. This time will be of value to you with no expectation or pressure.

    Continuing the Conversation

    Each subsequent session is approximately one hour over zoom and includes support via email or messaging in between sessions. You will begin to see important elements of this successful approach and gain the awareness to have change you want in a more natural and organic way.

    Pricing and Packages

    Investing in yourself has one of the greatest returns. Please contact me for complimentary coaching and individual session and package options.

    ​Please note, I am not a licensed mental health professional but I am professional and all meetings are confidential I provide a safe space to come just as you are and be heard with no judgment.


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